October 5, 2010


How can i survive in this term?

many tasks.
many things to do.
little time i have.
and do you remember i am that forgetful!?

so, i write down everything i have to do.
my homework.
things to do for organization, BEM.
things i have to buy.
my plans.
my friends' birthday.
the important-events. EVERYTHING!

it works for (about) 3-4 months. and even my friends were suprised that i could hold out doing this, that long. then the holiday was coming. and ... i forget about arranged this schedules, until yesterday!

and see how i messed up all the things?
so, now...
let's arrange the schedules. it works in last term. then why you stop doing it? okay! let's start it again.

first-three-months in 2010 ^0^ second-three-months in 2010 ^.^third-three-months in 2010 -_____-'


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