April 2, 2011

yongseo's last episode :'(

my favorite wedding photo shoot :)

YongSeo last episode T.T
this weekend is really ending for them, in reality show *i hope they'll keep contact in real life :)*.

well, this is some part of their dialogue, my favorite one.
Y: What are you going to do, Seo Joohyun?
H: Why?
Y: Your life will get so boring without me.
H: I know…what will you without someone to keep nagging you?
Y: Me?
MC: Really, if someone who used to nag you isn’t there it’ll feel like something’s missing.
Y: You can nag me on the phone if you call once in a while.
H: Okay, keep holding on to your phone.
translate yongseo's last episode.

last episode: full of surprise. full of emotions :')

after watched them for a year-relationship-in-reality-show, I can't imagine how will they get another partner in real life. there are a lot of first-moment for both of them. is it possible not to compare their-will-be-partner-in-the-future with their partner now, Yong for Hyun and vice versa. and if I were Seohyun, I'll be fall in love with Yong, the perfect Yong with his imperfection.
hhaaaahhh.. but it wasn't me. and for me, there's a reality I have to face up, my mid-term's assignment and, of course, my skripsoy, loveliness :)

Hyun's initiate ;)

YongSeo, you'll always be my favorite couple which give me, and many fans of you, lesson about relationship. gomawo~ :')
YongSeo is daebak! :D

*three times i watched the last episode, three times (and more) i cried :'(
**I, and many fans, surely want both of you to be couple in real life. but even we don't know about the real, it's okay if you dating in secret :)

***photo source from Yongseo's fanpage albums.


  1. mudah2an lo klo punya couple bakalan kaya mereka ya na.. (abisnya lo kaynya demen banget sma mereka.. :D )

  2. doanya minta yang terbaik aja, pit. belom tentu gw bisa kaya mereka juga. lah gw ama cewenya aja beda bener. hehehehe :)



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