April 7, 2011

where's my t?

my friend told me that I don't have 't' *symbol for anxiety*.

people with big-t (T) have high anxiety level. and people with little-t (t) have low anxiety level.
but I, my friend said, don't have 't', at all.

it's not really good if you has T, because you are easy to worry about everything.
and sometimes it makes you can't prepare anything best. because you're anxiety too much.

we need t. I'll give you an example.
you have a deadline of assignment about a week.

for a person with T, (s)he will:
"oh my god! it's only one week left. what should I do? I haven't done this, this, this. how could I finish this assignment???"

for a person with t, (s)he will:
"hmm.. what should I do? I have a week for finish my assignment. I should prepare this one, that one, well.. and many more. okay! let's start with doing A and B. tomorrow I'll continue B and start C. is my plan okay? could I finished this before deadline? *still, (s)he has a worry* fiuh, I hope so."

and for a person without-t, (maybe) (s)he will:
"I have a week for finish my assignment. maybe I can start today. or maybe tomorrow. or maybe next day. well, okay, I'll do it a day before deadline. *(s)he has no worry at all*"

is my friend see me like that? a person without-t? :(
even she said, it was good. because she looked me that I enjoy my self without worrying the assignment. she wants like me, not worry about assignment.

but hey, i still have 't'. maybe the smallest one, 't'.
i do. I do worry about my assignment.
maybe I wasn't showing it.
but should I?

*the most I'm afraid of, is what-my-friend-said-about-me, become a suggestion for me. that is just-true-I-do-not-have-any-t :'(

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